Scratch that itch with our guide to long, sharp nails 

There’s something about a gorgeous woman’s long pointy fingernails that can seem so delicate and fragile, yet so dangerous at the same time.

Crimson polish on long nails looks lethal and alluring. And it ignites that red-alert thrill that will send your imagination spiralling into fantasy heaven.

A French manicure can have the opposite effect; with the pale pink and white polish suggesting the beautiful woman that the long, pretty nails belong to is more innocent and submissive.

Our FFW chathosts love painting their nails. And if you’ve got a thing for long, sharp lady-talons, you’ll love what you see if you go into a private one-on-one chat with one of our chathosts.

What about watching women with really long nails doing day-to-day tasks? Isn’t it exciting seeing them carry out these mundane jobs with their powerful, pointed fingernails glinting?

Whatever you like most about long, sharp nails, we’ve got a sophisticated woman here on FFW waiting to show you what she can do with her pretty claws.

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Beautiful feet – from toes to pedicures

Toes, arches, soles, heels… if these words ignite a spark of excitement you should read on.

Does seeing an attractive woman in skimpy sandals make you quiver?

Or do you fantasise about bare feet with pretty manicured toes and smooth, soft-looking heels and arches?

We’ve got women online now at FFW who devote time and effort to preening their feet. They like their toes to look and feel perfect. They attend to their heels and ankles with as much care and precision as they do the rest of their gorgeous body.

What makes a woman’s feet beautiful depends on who’s looking.

It could be something so simple – like the curve of an arch or the delicate lines of an ankle – that makes a gorgeous babe’s feet so tantalising.

Whatever it is you like about feet, you’ll find a chathost model who can bring your fantasy to life at FFW.

Explore your foot fantasy here… 

High heels, sharp shoes and spiky stilettos – shoes to worship and covet

If you like high heels, catching a flash of a spiked stiletto as a gorgeous woman swishes past you can trigger your wildest fantasies.

A woman changes the way she walks when she’s in heels. Her hips move with an extra sway as she handles the added height of her pretty shoes. And when a woman has feminine curves, the svelte lines of tapered, spiked heels make her even more curvaceous.

Do you remember the first time you noticed a pair of high-heels and how made you feel?

Maybe it was when you were much younger and saw a glamorous older woman with strong legs and a confident stride wearing immaculate high-heeled shoes?

Or could it have been first time you caught sight of a pair of metal-tipped stilettos and felt a rush of excitement?

High-heeled shoes make legs look toned and gorgeous. They make you notice the person who’s wearing them; starting from their feet, all the way up. Slowly running your gaze from a woman’s shoes, up her legs and over the rest of her body right up to her face. But the journey really begins when you look into her eyes.

Live out your high-heels fantasy here …

The gift that keeps on giving

Are you a submissive person looking for a dominant partner?

If you’ve got a secret financial domination fantasy you could have a lot of fun exploring a special relationship where you can become a private ‘slave’.

You can get the feeling that you’ve totally lost control when you become a submissive ‘pig’.

In this humiliating role, you’ll give gifts to your dominant partner for the returned favours of teasing and mental torture.

If you love the idea of spoiling and pampering a dominant woman while she punishes you for it, you could find what you need here with a webcam chathost.

And because all our chathosts online now are experienced and ready to give you what you need, your experience with them could be the gift that keeps on giving.

Maybe it’s time you indulged in the fantasy ride of your dreams…

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How to be submissive

Learning how to be truly submissive in a special one-on-one relationship with a dominant person takes time.

We all have limits for what we will and won’t do. And some of us don’t know what our limits are, until we’re gently pushed and persuaded.

If you’d like to explore a relationship with a dominant person, talking to an experienced webcam chathost might be a good place to start.

It’s easy to do. You can do it here, right now.

But, before you do, why not read our list of five things you need to know first…

Only submit to someone you know. Talking and getting to know your dominant playmate is vital to getting the most out of your special relationship.

Get your ‘safe word’ ready. Make sure both you and your dominant partner know what this word is and exactly when to use it.

Take it slowly. Start with simple things and then take things further. Like any relationship yours will develop… deliciously.

Be prepared to keep learning. When you’re pushed to your limits, you can surprise yourself. By entering into an intimate relationship with someone boundaries will shift. You’ll learn about yourself, and each other. And that’s all part of the fun.

Have your limits. Ask your partner what acts and activities you want to do together and then you can work out how far you want to take things before you get started.

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Tie you up, tie you down


If you fantasise about dominant women, you’ll get what you need from a session with someone who can really dominate you.

A strict mistress will take control of you. Maybe, if you do what you’re told, your mistress will show you her pretty feet.

Most of us have a secret. It’s only when you share your fantasies with someone that you get the satisfaction you need.

If you do want to meet an experienced dominatrix to teach you a lesson, FFW is a good place to start. It’s a private, safe haven where you can delve deep with experienced chathost models.

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