Lewd in leather

Do you want to see my body in skin-tight, constricting leather? Gaze at my contours, my delicious curves sheathed in it? It’s going to make you so incredibly horny, make your beautiful engorged cock crave some serious attention; attention from me, your filthy lady in leather.

Wearing leather affords me a feeling of sexual power; it gives me an identity. If you caress my leather-clad body, you will love the sensation of the smooth, warm hide lying against my bare skin and the way it makes me hot, damp and tingle with excitement. Just the mere smell of it in my nostrils makes me wet.

I adore body-hugging leather pants that intensely cut into my ass. Teamed with thigh-high patent leather boots which cling and make me feel like a sexual goddess; tall, strong and statuesque. Sometimes I wear a lace-up leather bodice that holds my breasts firm and supple and makes my nipples elongate and burn with desire. Just the rub of the tight material on my naked flesh makes my pussy throb and my orgasm arrive uncontrollably.

I want to feel your hands creeping between the soft, supple leather and my skin, inching between my legs and sliding your wicked fingers inside me, making me squirm, making me cum like a fountain all over my tight leather panties. I want this now.

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