Love strong women? 5 ways to please your lady

If you’re a submissive man, you’ll know it takes a powerful woman to artfully push you to your limits of servitude, humiliation, endurance or pleasure.

The right lady will use gentle encouragement to determine your cravings.

She’ll gaze deep into your eyes as you open up to her. And after absorbing everything you’ve told her, she’ll turn your dreams into reality while you bask in the comfort of her tender, caring, controlling presence.

You could meet a woman like this online now at FFW. Or maybe you already have a strong woman like this in your life?

Either way, here are five ways to please her…

Share your secrets. Tell your woman what you like and don’t like, so she’ll know how far to push you.

Worship her. She’ll tell you how she must be treated. And you will comply.

Spoil her. Your leading lady will tell you what she likes and what kind of presents you can lavish on her.

Take your time. The more you savour and develop your relationship with the strong, strict woman in your life, the better it’ll get.

Keep talking. The more you talk, and the more honest you are about how things are going, the longer your special relationship will last.

Meet the strong woman of your dreams here

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