Scratch that itch with our guide to long, sharp nails 

There’s something about a gorgeous woman’s long pointy fingernails that can seem so delicate and fragile, yet so dangerous at the same time.

Crimson polish on long nails looks lethal and alluring. And it ignites that red-alert thrill that will send your imagination spiralling into fantasy heaven.

A French manicure can have the opposite effect; with the pale pink and white polish suggesting the beautiful woman that the long, pretty nails belong to is more innocent and submissive.

Our FFW chathosts love painting their nails. And if you’ve got a thing for long, sharp lady-talons, you’ll love what you see if you go into a private one-on-one chat with one of our chathosts.

What about watching women with really long nails doing day-to-day tasks? Isn’t it exciting seeing them carry out these mundane jobs with their powerful, pointed fingernails glinting?

Whatever you like most about long, sharp nails, we’ve got a sophisticated woman here on FFW waiting to show you what she can do with her pretty claws.

Meet more women with long nails here

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