High heels, sharp shoes and spiky stilettos – shoes to worship and covet

If you like high heels, catching a flash of a spiked stiletto as a gorgeous woman swishes past you can trigger your wildest fantasies.

A woman changes the way she walks when she’s in heels. Her hips move with an extra sway as she handles the added height of her pretty shoes. And when a woman has feminine curves, the svelte lines of tapered, spiked heels make her even more curvaceous.

Do you remember the first time you noticed a pair of high-heels and how made you feel?

Maybe it was when you were much younger and saw a glamorous older woman with strong legs and a confident stride wearing immaculate high-heeled shoes?

Or could it have been first time you caught sight of a pair of metal-tipped stilettos and felt a rush of excitement?

High-heeled shoes make legs look toned and gorgeous. They make you notice the person who’s wearing them; starting from their feet, all the way up. Slowly running your gaze from a woman’s shoes, up her legs and over the rest of her body right up to her face. But the journey really begins when you look into her eyes.

Live out your high-heels fantasy here …

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