Lewd in leather

Do you want to see my body in skin-tight, constricting leather? Gaze at my contours, my delicious curves sheathed in it? It’s going to make you so incredibly horny, make your beautiful engorged cock crave some serious attention; attention from me, your filthy lady in leather.

Wearing leather affords me a feeling of sexual power; it gives me an identity. If you caress my leather-clad body, you will love the sensation of the smooth, warm hide lying against my bare skin and the way it makes me hot, damp and tingle with excitement. Just the mere smell of it in my nostrils makes me wet.

I adore body-hugging leather pants that intensely cut into my ass. Teamed with thigh-high patent leather boots which cling and make me feel like a sexual goddess; tall, strong and statuesque. Sometimes I wear a lace-up leather bodice that holds my breasts firm and supple and makes my nipples elongate and burn with desire. Just the rub of the tight material on my naked flesh makes my pussy throb and my orgasm arrive uncontrollably.

I want to feel your hands creeping between the soft, supple leather and my skin, inching between my legs and sliding your wicked fingers inside me, making me squirm, making me cum like a fountain all over my tight leather panties. I want this now.

Ballbusting – the beautiful game

As your Dominatrix, I will do whatever required to make you conform, to make you beg for my forgiveness. You are lowlife. You are scum.

As my submissive you need to be severely punished, and the pleasure is all mine. To reinforce, in no uncertain terms, that you are nothing more than a miserable worm who needs to worship and obey me. I’ll force you down on your knees and make you beg for mercy, snivel and grovel, until I deem you have suffered enough humiliation at my mercy.

I know how much you love it when I, your cruel mistress, put you through your paces. You crave my attention; yearn for me to discipline you for your sins. You long for me to take hold of your balls and crush them with my powerful grip, long red finger nails raking across your vulnerable flesh as endorphins explode in your head.

I may paddle your balls to make an example of you, or flay them raw with the sharp bite of a whip to bring you to heel. Or utilize a spiky high-heel to kick out against your pathetic cock and balls. Maybe I’ll bind your testicles tightly and squeeze hard until you have tears in your eyes and you plead for my forgiveness.

But, one way or another, I will dominate you, my wretched slave. I will take over your will, ballbusting you, just to keep you in line.


Your punishment awaits


Crack the whip

I may discipline you, my sniveling submissive, by giving you the lash of a whip, a flogger or even the smack of my bare hand. I want to concentrate on your balls, making your sorry scrotum burn with a heady mix of pleasure and pain, exciting me as I savor your extreme suffering.

Feel it burn

Dripping hot candle wax on your cursed cock and balls will give me an exquisite rush of pleasure to the brain, whereas you, you pathetic slave will whimper and shudder, overwhelmed with a delicious combination of agony and ecstasy.

Blinding bind

I long to squeeze your balls and bind them tightly with tape or string to nullify your sex organs, making you powerless and weak, while, I, your mistress, will relish the intense sensual power surging through my veins.

Cuffs for control

I will wrap testicle cuffs around your inferior scrotum and between your insignificant testicles. I will padlock you into complete compliance and ridicule you, making you powerless under my control.  It may make your pathetic prick appear bigger, as well as delay and intensify your ejaculation, but, as always, I will be the one to call all the shots.

Only when I allow it will you be allowed to cum.

Stockings, fishnets and nylons to thrill and tease

Beautiful legs look so seductive in stockings, fishnets and nylons.

There’s something irresistible about that sheer, delicate film stretched over smooth skin that makes it so tantalising.

When you see a beautiful woman wearing a tight skirt and perfect nylons you know how it makes you feel, don’t you?

And that thrill you get at the sight of a luscious lady walking past you in high-heels and immaculate stockings is so exciting, isn’t it?

Strong women wear perfect nylons to add that masterful-yet-feminine touch to their look. And they can be strict and controlling while capturing the essence of their caring, tender female nature by encasing their strong, beautiful legs in that thin, delicate layer.

You can meet a woman like this at FFW. And once you’ve looked into her eyes and told her what you want, she’ll know how to use that perfect balance of strength and softness in her personality to give you what you deserve.

Maybe you’d like to watch her gently pull on a pair of sheer, black nylon stockings, just so she can rip them off again?

Think about it now. And whatever you’re thinking about could so easily be yours when you meet one of our chathosts.

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Love strong women? 5 ways to please your lady

If you’re a submissive man, you’ll know it takes a powerful woman to artfully push you to your limits of servitude, humiliation, endurance or pleasure.

The right lady will use gentle encouragement to determine your cravings.

She’ll gaze deep into your eyes as you open up to her. And after absorbing everything you’ve told her, she’ll turn your dreams into reality while you bask in the comfort of her tender, caring, controlling presence.

You could meet a woman like this online now at FFW. Or maybe you already have a strong woman like this in your life?

Either way, here are five ways to please her…

Share your secrets. Tell your woman what you like and don’t like, so she’ll know how far to push you.

Worship her. She’ll tell you how she must be treated. And you will comply.

Spoil her. Your leading lady will tell you what she likes and what kind of presents you can lavish on her.

Take your time. The more you savour and develop your relationship with the strong, strict woman in your life, the better it’ll get.

Keep talking. The more you talk, and the more honest you are about how things are going, the longer your special relationship will last.

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Exciting tricks with flirty feet

When you have a thing for feet, you probably find yourself imagining all sorts of wonderful, wild and wicked things you can do with a set of tempting tootsies.

And when pretty feet give you a thrill, you probably wish you could see more gorgeous women walking around without their shoes on.

You can meet seductive ladies who love lounging around with bare feet here at FFW.

And, in the meantime, here’s some delicious things you can do with feet to get you thinking…

The foot job
When a masseuse uses her feet to rub you up the right way you’ll really get the most out of your massage.

Nail nibbling
Nail-biting is a naughty habit but what about when a luscious lady puts her perfect toes to her pretty lips and has a nibble?

Manicure in minutes
If you love seeing perfectly-manicured toes close up, imagine how it would feel to watch a sultry women doing a step-by-step manicure, for your eyes only?

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Take control and make your woman happy

It takes a truly dominant man to have the perfect relationship with a submissive woman, and keep her happy.

And the way to get exactly what you want out of this special kind of union is to understand what submissive women need from a masterful man.

Women who relish being submissive want you to tease and taunt them. Whatever your wish, it’ll be their desire. They love being taken in hand and all they want in return is your devotion and protection.

A submissive playmate will never interrupt you when you’re speaking. She’ll want to hear you talking and telling her what to do. She’ll love wearing what you tell her to wear. And she’ll do exactly what you ask her to do.

Maybe you’re already playing master and servant, in your own private relationship with a submissive woman.

Or are you looking for a woman who’ll submit to you?

Whatever your relationship status, you can explore your desire to be masterful with women who know what it takes to be submissive, here at FFW.

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What we love about smoking hot women

When you fantasise about glamorous women who smoke it’s not easy to get your fix.

Old films are filled with movie stars who smoke. These cinematic goddesses take long, sultry draws on their cigarettes before pouting to camera through the luscious, twirling plumes they exhale.

Not so long ago, you could catch sight of an attractive woman in a bar, restaurant or café, smoking seductively in public.

Now you can only truly savour the sight of a woman smoking if they do it in front of you, in private.

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Just take a look at some of the sophisticated FFW women you can meet. When you’re chatting with them face-to-face you can tell them what you want and, if you ask them, they’ll smoke just for you.

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